Oregon Sex Workers Committee

Decriminalization protects more people by reducing stigma, allows safer reporting for victims of violence, and enables civil rights for sex workers by reducing stigma and harmful policies.

Anti Discrimination Policy


Oregon Sex Workers Committee (OSWC) works to decriminalize and destigmatize adult, consensual sex work in Oregon.

We value pursuing social equity in all we do. We’re also working to have more diversity in our membership.

We seek and encourage differences including:

-Types of sex work


-Gender identity and expression

-Skin color (also: hair texture and facial features)



We aim to serve our members well and create an equitable environment.

We hope to create safety for marginalized folks working with us. That means we work to acknowledge and repair past harm toward groups that have historically been silenced, neglected, or excluded from these spaces. The organizations we work with will reflect the sex workers in our community.

The definition of discrimination is “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people”. Honesty about groups that have consistently oppressed sex workers is not discrimination. For example, law enforcement has stigmatized and discriminated against sex workers both in the past and present. Being clear about this and protecting ourselves is not an act of discrimination.

OSWC does not allow discrimination based on:

-Type of sex work






-National origin

-Citizenship status

-Physical and mental ability


-Body size/shape


-Access to safety practices

-Socioeconomic status

-Financial literacy

We hope our members understand how important equity is to us. We encourage our members to consider the intent behind others’ actions. More importantly, we acknowledge the impact of our actions and accept responsibility.

If anyone disregards these policies we will engage in restorative practices to repair any harm. In more serious cases of harm or violence among members (such as using slurs or other verbal or physical abuse), and repeated violations of this policy, the offender’s membership in OSWC will be void. This is to protect our members and the community at large.

Our goal is to prevent violence against people, prevent human trafficking, and prevent police abuse.